ESG Integration. Done! Or Not?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

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With a reputation for addressing practical questions for investors, TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 is the place to assess success stories and challenges in the ESG investment space. Speakers from Sustainalytics and RepRisk will guide asset managers and owners through the current landscape of ESG investing, complemented by the expertise of dedicated ESG investors such as Osmosis Capital and EM Capital Management.

Highlighting trends in ESG fund strategies in fixed income markets, speakers from Moody's Financial Services, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Global Footprint Network will take the audience on a journey through a variety of investment products such as green bonds, emerging market funds and mutual funds.

Are you joining TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 and interested in finding more about ESG? Make sure to attend these workshops:

Workshop 1 - Trends in ESG Integration in Investments

Workshop 2 - Sustainable Sourcing; Managing ESG risks in the supply chain

Workshop 9 - Trends in ESG Fund Strategies: Fixed income markets

Workshop 13 - ESG Materiality and Metrics

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