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Impact Investing Platforms: If you build it, will anyone show up?

Thursday, 17 Dec 2015

Guest Blog Post by Jonelle Maltay about the Plenary Interview conducted with Gregory Da Re (Chief Strategist of Inter-American Investment Corporation) and Julie Muraco (Partner of Praeditis Group) at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2015.
Views and opinions are that of the writer and are not the official views of TBLI CONFERENCE.

22915061359 c88a55ded3 zThe interview moderated by Robert Rubinstein, CEO TBLI GROUP, posed some tough but vital questions about the use of platforms to further impact investing goals. The interviewees were Gregory Da Re who is Chief Strategist of the Inter-American Investment Corporation and Julie Muraco who is managing partner of Praeditis Group.

Much of the discussion surrounded the idea of building platforms for Impact investing and deal flow.
All participants were in agreement that understanding investor needs requires a lot of work and research. The fundamental problem as told by many investors is that there is a lack of investable opportunities, so this places the burden of proof onto organizations like the inter-American investment Corporation and Praeditis serving as somewhat of an intermediary between the investors and the projects. These organizations are tasked with bringing a quality pipeline to investors.

The problem is not a lack of projects according to the interviewees who asserted that there is no shortage of suggestions each week, however, the issue is identifying those with not only potential but visible bankability and scale. Platforms go far beyond delivering ideas because they also connect people and structure deals. But as Robert asked, despite the good intentions, the real question is: where are all the good deals?