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Interested to know more of Venture Philanthropy in Asia? Join AVPN Conference 2015!

Thursday, 19 Feb 2015

When: 20-23, April 2015
Where: U-Town, National University of Singapore
Tickets (by invite only): SGD700 (Early Bird tickets before 20 February 2015)/ SGD950 (Standard non-member tickets)

Venture Philanthropy In Practice

Singapore – Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), a fast growing network of over 180 organisations from 28 countries that are involved in venture philanthropy and social investing in Asia, is hosting the third run of its highly anticipated annual conference in Singapore from 20 to 23, April 2015.


Global Sustain announces Yearbook 2014/15

Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014

Seven years passed since Global Sustain presented its first Yearbook, triggering a global discussion regarding important sustainability issues.

This year, Global Sustain chose the theme “The Power of Collaboration” since partnerships are more than ever needed in order to address universal challenges.

Global developments and expectations in economy, environment and technology sectors are among the factors that promote the formation of partnerships, since individual organisations cannot act alone. These partnerships come in many forms, ranging from alliances between businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to goverments and civil society and they create shared value for all stakeholders.

This Yearbook will address, among others, the following topics:

  • Win-win partnerships
  • Facilitating supplier collaboration
  • Delivering long-lasting, mutual benefits with innovative strategic partnerships
  • Joining forces for human rights and transparency issues
  • Quantifying and measuring partnerships’ true value
  • Collaboration between academics, companies, NGOs and governments
  • The impact of business goals on engagement in social partnerships
  • Encouraging and incentivising employees to engage into collaborative actions
  • Transforming stakeholder dialogue into stakeholder collaboration
  • Communicating collaborations effectively
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and partnerships


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Sustainability Forum 2014 came to a successful end

Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014

For the third consecutive year, Global Sustain delivered a unique sustainability event and gathered top experts and prominent speakers from all around the world. Sustainability Forum 2014 - A training, networking and professional development event took place on October 3, 2014, at the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi, Athens, Greece.

The participants had the chance to gain hands-on experience, practical knowledge and professional skills regarding important sustainability issues, through nine specialised workshops and three plenary sessions.

The workshops of this all-day carbon neutral event, focused on issues such as: How GRI can meet the new EU non-financial reporting ‘report or explain’ framework, G4 materiality analysis, an introduction to CSR & sustainability, cultivating the next generation leaders (DOW case study), how business is redefining value, the leadership agility factor, impact entrepreneurship and sustainability, empowering stakeholders to make sustainable business happen, emerging global sustainable development framework, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and partnerships, green sustainability credentials through the climate change and environment related international standards, empowering teams to bring sustainability initiatives, FSC certified printed material.

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Global Sustain announces Sustainability Forum 2014

Wednesday, 03 Sep 2014

Global Sustain is pleased to announce the Sustainability Forum 2014, a training, networking and professional development event that is scheduled to take place at the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi , on October 3.

Prominent international speakers will take part in this event, revealing fresh perspectives on sustainability issues and sharing their hands-on expertise and experience with the delegates, through specialised workshops and plenary sessions.