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First speakers and sponsors confirmed for TBLI CONFERENCE™ ASIA 2015

Thursday, 19 Feb 2015


We want to welcome and thank ASN Bank as a Silver Sponsor for the event.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? Please find more information here.

Program updates

We are happy to announce our first confirmed speakers:

  • Arvind Narula (CEO & Executive Director - Urmatt Ltd - Thailand)
  • Ewoud Goudswaard (CEO - ASN Bank NV - The Netherlands)
  • Ibrahim AlHusseini (Managing Member - The Husseini Group / The FullCycle Energy - USA)
  • Francesca Nugnes (Financial Markets and Information Manager - Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade - Canada)
  • Jeanne Stampe (Moderator) (Asia Pacific Finance and Commodities Specialist - WWF)
  • Anna Hagemann Rise (Group Communication & CSR Manager - Frosh Aps. - Denmark)
  • Yann Gindre (Director Networks and Global Outreach - Principles for Responsibel Investment - UK)
  • MaryKate Henlon (Manager Sustainability & Communications - NewForests - Singapore)

Call for speakers

Are you interested in speaking at this event? Please submit your information here.


Should There Be a Unique Approach to Establishing Project's Impact Metrics? - Perspectives from TBLI CONFERENCE™ LATIN AMERICA 2015

Monday, 22 Jun 2015

Guest Blog Post written by Francisco Preusche during TBLI CONFERENCE™ LATIN AMERICA 2015. Views and opinions are that of the writer and are not the official views of TBLI CONFERENCE™. 

“Things that are not measured just don’t happen”.

Regardless of what kind of impact initiative you are working on, whether it is an ESG improvement project, a social enterprise start-up, or any other initiative related to improving a social and/or environmental situation, metrics are essential.

The question is: should we have a unique standardized approach for such projects?

In order to analyze this question, allow me to divide the existing and future impact projects into two categories: start-ups, and mature businesses. Even though in both categories we can find very different industries, and business models, there is one thing that binds each group together:


Interview with Inter-American Development Bank's Maria Kronsteiner at TBLI CONFERENCE™ NORDIC 2015

Monday, 27 Jul 2015

Guest Blog Post written by Ellen Wheeler during TBLI CONFERENCE™ NORDIC 2015. Views and opinions are that of the writer and are not the official views of TBLI CONFERENCE™.

The Inter American Development Bank (IDB), like many DFIs define its development impact with intentionality. Ellen Wheeler sat down with IDB’s Senior Development Effectiveness Specialist, Maria Kronsteiner, to understand their view of sustainability and impact investing going forward.

How does impact investing play a role in IDB?

With deliberateness in mind, IDB’s impact projects follow a strict mandate and project management process in working with SMEs in Latin America gain long-term investments. Its role is to provide solutions in circumstances where commercial banks cannot support investments due to their risk factor. A continuously growing gap that DFIs, like IDB, aim to fill.

The Inter American Development Bank works through financial intermediaries to support SMEs. Roughly 32-percent of their business is directly with SMEs or larger companies that have values chains with SMEs. Their alternative approach is to provide investors with capital to invest in SMEs, with an understanding that there are certain objectives they have to meet, for example environmental and social impacts. IDB provides support in how to go about mitigating risks. IDB aims to ensure that the initiatives they work with are effective and achieve IDB’s objectives. Targets are put in place to measure performance throughout the project. It is important that the projects, while having an environmental and social impact, are also financially viable.  


Interesting: CFA Institutes’ interview with independent advisor Rob Lake

Wednesday, 30 Apr 2014

Last week CFA Institute published the interesting interview The Big Picture of Responsible Investment with Rob Lake, an independent advisor who helps asset owners invest responsibly.

The main focus of the interview is on ESG Integration in investments, the relevance of ESG considerations in different asset classes and the challenge of impact measurement.